American Hemochromatosis Society, Inc.
The mission of the American Hemochromatosis Society (AHS) is to educate and support the victims of HFE-associated hereditary hemochromatosis (genetic iron overload) and their families as well as educate the medical community on the latest research on Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH). AHS' aim is to identify through genetic testing, the 43 million+ Americans who unknowingly carry the single or double gene mutations for HH which puts them at risk for loading excess iron.

AHS recognizes and envisions that it is possible now and in the future to prevent needless deaths, disability, organ damage, very costly joint replacements, chemoembolization and surgery for liver cancer, and organ transplants caused by hereditary hemochromatosis/iron overload through:

- Routine/universal screening for HH of the American public
- DNA newborn genetic screening for HH for all children in America
- Establishment of universal guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for HH in minor children and adults
- AHS Projects which involve patient, family, community and governmental cooperation and support for screening and awareness include:
- "Children HHelping Children" (CHHC)) Screening & Awareness Project for pediatric hereditary hemochromatosis
- "Seniors HHelping Seniors" (SHHS) Screening & Awareness Project for geriatric hereditary hemochromatosis
- "Hereditary Hemochromatosis Congressional Challenge"--DNA testing of all members of Congress
- "Hereditary Hemochromatosis Celebrity Challenge"--DNA testing of all celebrities, including those in the film and music industry.

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